Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Aaron

Today, my husband joins the Quarter Century club. For those of you who are a little slow (but we love ya anyway), that means he turned 25 today.

I went down to the Post Office to help the mail guys put on their "surprise party". Of course Aaron had the whole surprise figured out by 10am and told me everything that was going on while the guys thought it was still a secret. The poor fellas have no idea who they're dealing with. Surprising Aaron is like trying to drive a Mack truck through Times Square on New Year's Eve. It rarely happens and when it does, you deserve a friggin' medal.

The guys put together a nice lunch to celebrate though. We had Sarpinos Pizza, pineapple rice and some various meat dishes from Taste of Thai. Nom nom nom. Very yum.

Da da da da...Here's the birthday boy on his big 2-5.
I'm sorry if I offend anyone, but I have the most adorable husband ever. Wait, I'm not sorry. He IS the most adorable husband. Suckas.

So he got all of his candles blown out (all 7 of em, wah wah) and has been pampered all day. He's gotten surprise presents, bacon and eggs for breakfast, a Post Office party, a basketball game after work, steak dinner at home and dirt cake for dessert (he requested it like 2 months ago and I know he thinks I forgot).
Happy Birthday babe. I love you more than the dirt cake I almost ate while you were playing basketball.

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Cori said...

Happy Birthday Aaron! Anyone who makes my sister this happy is #1 in my book! :) And I'll just forget that pesky little incident that involved you moving her 12,000 miles away. Kidding! We love you!