Thursday, May 29, 2008

I've got pictures!

We went to Malaysia on Sunday to get cheap DVDs to entertain ourselves and to pamper our feet with 10 dollar pedicures. Other than me being traumatized by having to use a japanese toilet (it wasn't fun or pretty), nothing eventful happened. However, I come back bearing pictures: This is the skanky mall that we get our DVDs and pedicures from. The railings are rusted and haven't been painted in years. Don't worry though, the pedicure places are very nice and sanitary, I promise!

This is the inside of a Malaysian Teksi. Yes, that's how they spell it. Don't even get me started. This is actually a nice teksi. The one we had before it had broken doors that the driver had to bang on to let us out. So not cool. However, the 15 minute ride costs us about 60 cents.

This is typical Malaysian scenery that we saw on our cab ride. You can't see how bad it is from the pic, but this building is litterally rotting down. We just prayed that people didn't live there.

Now for some pics from home (Singapore):

Here is Aaron standing in front of our flat. Ours is the one to the bottom right with all of the curtains closed. Not a lot of privacy. CAN'T WAIT TO MOVE!

The infamous black eggs. See, I wasn't making this up people. They are black as tar. Don't even ask me what they taste like. That's so not happening.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

An update on an uneventful few days

So I haven't blogged in a while cuz well, nothing's happened. Still no word on where we'll be moving to and our stuff is still in route to us. So it's been a lot of Megan sitting around entertaining herself with movies, SATC (Sex and the City) and internet surfing. Wah wah.

I did however come up with this interesting Singaporism (that's my new word for things that are oddly Singaporean). Ok, actually a couple of them:

1) You cannot chew gum in Singapore. However, you can smoke till you hack up a lung. So in other words, your breath can smell like crap, but please don't offend them with your gum popping. They'd rather you share your cancer fog with them.

2) Pornography and any item related to sex is outlawed. BUT! Prostitution is A-OK. What that says to me is, they don't want you to merely think about getting a nasty, infectious disease --they want you to act on it. Then you can sit there with your VD and think about what a dirty perv you are.

Just some observations I came up with. This may just be a bored housewife venting too. Take it or leave it.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Squatters

I am perplexed and extremely disturbed as I write this post. The Asian culture has stumped me yet again. What is it this time? Japanese-style toilets.

These are found in the airport as well as other high-traffic areas. How does one use one of these you might ask? Well, it's exactly as you would think. You pull your pants down and squat --going pee in the woods at a field party--style. How do they not piss themselves? That answer, my friend is beyond me. I never mastered the art of squatting. In fact, when I was forced to go in a field at a bon fire party, I had to have an entourage of ladies with me to form a wall to block my bare bottom half. I had to de-clothe everything from the waist down. So yeah, this definitely won't work for me.

Luckily, they usually have a western-style toilet in the stalls next to these odd inventions. Good for me. Bad for the Asians that can't use the western-style ones.
In fact, the Asians that can't understand the concept of western-style toilets will actually climb up on the toilet and stand on it to squat. Imagine doing this in the high heels that they wear around. It BAFFLES me.

There are even signs on many western toilets that say: DO NOT SQUAT ON TOILET.

I just don't get it.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm a wife

It's still really hard for Aaron and me to call each other by the right title. I still catch him calling me his girlfriend and my friends catch me calling him my fiance. It just seems so odd to call him "husband" and for him to call me "wife".

However, when other people say it, it's nice. I visited Aaron at work a couple days ago and Jenny, the sweet lady that works the counter, hollered back to Aaron that his wife was there. I loved it! I know it's dorky and dumb for me to be that excited about it, but it just sounds so nice. We'll have to work on the correct word usage ourselves.

So Singapore is going well thus far. I got my "I'm a Navy guy's wife card" that lets me on base and lets me into the NEX to buy stuff. SWEET. This is kind of a big deal because even though the card says I'm a "dependent", it gives me independence by allowing me to run errands on base without Aaron. It's an oxymoron really.

The laundry's almost finished and I've started Season 2 of Dexter. All is well with the Spreers in Asia.

P.S. My brother Adam asked me if they have the "drawer bed hotels" in Singapore. I was intrigued as I am by most things odd and Asian. So I did some research and while they don't have them here, they do in Japan. They are the oddest thing ever! It's like a hotel, only your room resembles the drawers you'd find in a morgue! No lying. Here's a link to the site I found. They're called Capsule Inns. Very creepy.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Playing Catch Up

Whew! The last few weeks have really flown by! The wedding was perfect. The honeymoon was so much fun. The packing went smoothly. The plane ride was nicer when you fly together. All in all everything went very well. Minus the leaving everyone and everything you've ever known.
It was the hardest few days of my life saying goodbye to all of my siblings, friends and parents. I cried and cried as my husband told me what a good job I was doing being so strong. (I think he lies sometimes ha ha). However, now that we're all figuring out Skype...I think I talk to everyone way more than I did before I left. I love it! We're slowing getting out web cams synced up and it's so nice to see everyone.
Now that the jet lag is subsiding, I am going to get the blog up and rolling. Here are a few pictures to highlight the last few weeks that I've been crazy busy.

A few pics of the wedding (more to come!):

Our honeymoon in Cancun:

The day before I left :( This is of my mom and grandma.