Thursday, May 29, 2008

I've got pictures!

We went to Malaysia on Sunday to get cheap DVDs to entertain ourselves and to pamper our feet with 10 dollar pedicures. Other than me being traumatized by having to use a japanese toilet (it wasn't fun or pretty), nothing eventful happened. However, I come back bearing pictures: This is the skanky mall that we get our DVDs and pedicures from. The railings are rusted and haven't been painted in years. Don't worry though, the pedicure places are very nice and sanitary, I promise!

This is the inside of a Malaysian Teksi. Yes, that's how they spell it. Don't even get me started. This is actually a nice teksi. The one we had before it had broken doors that the driver had to bang on to let us out. So not cool. However, the 15 minute ride costs us about 60 cents.

This is typical Malaysian scenery that we saw on our cab ride. You can't see how bad it is from the pic, but this building is litterally rotting down. We just prayed that people didn't live there.

Now for some pics from home (Singapore):

Here is Aaron standing in front of our flat. Ours is the one to the bottom right with all of the curtains closed. Not a lot of privacy. CAN'T WAIT TO MOVE!

The infamous black eggs. See, I wasn't making this up people. They are black as tar. Don't even ask me what they taste like. That's so not happening.


Cori said...

I could sure go for a $10 pedicure today. :)
What kind of eggs are those? Chicken eggs? Why are they black? That is revolting.

singaporegirl said...

the eggs themself are not black. that's just the soil surrounding it. the eggs are buried to preserve them and make them salty. when you wash away the dirt, the egg is actually a very nice white colour. boil them like you would a hard boiled egg and it it's ready for consumption. after deshelling, you get a nice white egg with a yellow yolk. look out for the century egg...that one is more interesting (aka gross).

singaporegirl said...

by the way...a taxi in malaysia is spelled as teksi because that is how it is spelled in malay (their official language).