Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm a wife

It's still really hard for Aaron and me to call each other by the right title. I still catch him calling me his girlfriend and my friends catch me calling him my fiance. It just seems so odd to call him "husband" and for him to call me "wife".

However, when other people say it, it's nice. I visited Aaron at work a couple days ago and Jenny, the sweet lady that works the counter, hollered back to Aaron that his wife was there. I loved it! I know it's dorky and dumb for me to be that excited about it, but it just sounds so nice. We'll have to work on the correct word usage ourselves.

So Singapore is going well thus far. I got my "I'm a Navy guy's wife card" that lets me on base and lets me into the NEX to buy stuff. SWEET. This is kind of a big deal because even though the card says I'm a "dependent", it gives me independence by allowing me to run errands on base without Aaron. It's an oxymoron really.

The laundry's almost finished and I've started Season 2 of Dexter. All is well with the Spreers in Asia.

P.S. My brother Adam asked me if they have the "drawer bed hotels" in Singapore. I was intrigued as I am by most things odd and Asian. So I did some research and while they don't have them here, they do in Japan. They are the oddest thing ever! It's like a hotel, only your room resembles the drawers you'd find in a morgue! No lying. Here's a link to the site I found. They're called Capsule Inns. Very creepy.


Dona said...

You're a real trooper. I knew you would do just fine. Love ya

Cori said...

I would need to be on a sedative to stay in a drawer bed hotel. Claustrophobia and all....

I remember the first time someone in Beloit referred to me as Mrs. Ingram. I was 26, had been married all of 6 months, it was so strange. The husband/wife thing is hard to get used to. I still can't believe you're someone's wife. To me you'll always be my little Dogbreath. (Just be glad that I left that out of the wedding toast.)

Mel said...

how is Dexter? I heard its a really good show but we dont get showtime and they started showing it on FOX but its not as good without all the gore and whatnot. Something I should invest in buying?