Thursday, May 22, 2008

An update on an uneventful few days

So I haven't blogged in a while cuz well, nothing's happened. Still no word on where we'll be moving to and our stuff is still in route to us. So it's been a lot of Megan sitting around entertaining herself with movies, SATC (Sex and the City) and internet surfing. Wah wah.

I did however come up with this interesting Singaporism (that's my new word for things that are oddly Singaporean). Ok, actually a couple of them:

1) You cannot chew gum in Singapore. However, you can smoke till you hack up a lung. So in other words, your breath can smell like crap, but please don't offend them with your gum popping. They'd rather you share your cancer fog with them.

2) Pornography and any item related to sex is outlawed. BUT! Prostitution is A-OK. What that says to me is, they don't want you to merely think about getting a nasty, infectious disease --they want you to act on it. Then you can sit there with your VD and think about what a dirty perv you are.

Just some observations I came up with. This may just be a bored housewife venting too. Take it or leave it.


Mel said...

I miss you. I've been blogging just for you. Sorry we havent had a chance to chat lately... Ive been feeling very 'Waa Waa' When you guys come home next we totally have to go to the piano bar! I almost cried last ngiht at one point bc you werent there and they played one of our songs lol.

Cori said...

Umm, I think the politically correct term for VD is STD. This is not the '70s. Crazy, bored housewives.....

Megan said...

easy power trip. it is what i say it is. this is my blog. you govern yours.