Monday, June 2, 2008

Aw I can walk again!

Saturday, Aaron talked me into getting a foot reflexology massage in Chinatown. I' d had one before in February at a place near our house and it was somewhat uncomfortable, but I felt great afterwards. So I caved in again. Let me explain why it's hard to be excited about something that's supposed to feel so great.

A foot reflexology foot massage involves the masseuse using knuckles and finger tips to apply pressure to certain points on your foot. Each point is supposedly connected to another part of your body. Thus, by applying pressure to these areas, it relieves any aches and pains within your body. But, it hurts. A lot.

My massage hurt more than a lot. I was sitting there with clenched teeth to avoid screaming or crying. I was in a lot of pain that DID NOT AT ALL FEEL GOOD. A foot MASSAGE is supposed to FEEL GOOD. Anyway, remembering the last time I had one, I sat through it and thought that I'd feel good afterwards. Wrong!!!!!

The next morning, I awoke to bruised shins and ankles. Then, I couldn't walk right until Monday. It felt like I was walking on rocks. I am never doing that crap again. What really gets me is that I paid for someone to turn me into a battered paint-by-number.

I'm an idiot. Oh, and Aaron's massage was fine and he had no after-effects. Whatever.


Cori said...

What the hell were you thinking? Don't Asians also bind up their daughters feet so that they'll be dainty? Tell Metro that you'll stick with the mani/pedi's. (J/K Aaron, love you too!)

singaporegirl said...

ha ha...i think you've mistaken foot reflexology for a foot massage. these 2 are different. a foot massage is more soothing...foot reflex is usually more "to the point". =)