Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Say Cheese!

It's sad to say, but yesterday may have been one of the happiest days of my life. Why, you may ask? Because we found cheese. Yes my friends. Cheese. Not velveeta's processed goo crap, but real, delicious cheese. So what did we do? We bought it all. I'm not even joking. We got a round of provolone. We got shredded cheddar. We got sliced colby. We even got shredded italian blend. It was a good day kids. It was almost as great as Christmas.

Finding cheese in Singapore is a big frickin' deal. Apparently, cheese is "unpleasing to the Asian palate" or so I read online. Instead, they'd rather eat turtles, bugs, smelly fruit and other crap that should NEVER go in your mouth. Of course it doesn't please their palate. Their palate is that of a rabid dog. Sorry, the lack of cheese for a month has upset me.

So anywho, my momma sent me her recipe for cheeseburger soup and that's what I'm making my dear, sweet husband for dinner. I was going to make a delicious dessert, but without our Pyrex cookware and a hand mixer, it won't really be possible. Our stuff should get here soon. Let's just pray that we have a place to put it in when it gets here.

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Cori said...

Well, once again, I don't think you'll be getting a job with the board of tourism. You seem a little...."American". But I'm rejoicing with you on the cheese finds. However, don't slam Velveeta. It may be cheese food, but it's yummy when grilled. (You can tell I learned how to cook working the Snack Bar at Ranch, can't you?)