Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I miss Mexicans :(

One of my favorite food groups in the world is Mexican. I used to eat it several times a week back in the States. Melissa (my former fiancee and date night buddy) and I rarely went to a non-Mexican restaurant together. I was even a Taco Bell junkie (even though that's not technically real Mexican), but Cheesy Beefy Melts are sooo good.

Asia, does not have a lot of options as far as Mexican food goes. They've never been really exposed to it and I'm sure it also "doesn't please the Asian palate" (see below post). Aaron and I have tacos and taco salad all the time, at home, to compensate for this. It never gets old. We even have Taco Bell brand seasoning for the lame hamburger meat that we find frozen at the NEX or the odd-looking meat we find in the stores in town.

I was determined to find a Taco Bell though. There was a rumor that Singapore had one and when we looked online, we found two. So last week, Aaron and I found one on Orchard Road. It was a stressful time. There were no signs. It was also situated at the very top of a 4 story mall. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't on the verge of tears before we found it. (I had been so excited to find it all day, give me a break.) Anyways, we found it.

So who cares if the menu only had 5 things on it. And it doesn't matter that they only offered chicken, right? The beans may have been dry, but IT WAS TACO BELL. I've decided to look on the bright side of things and not be so negative toward my asian neighbors. At least they tried.

I've been combing the Singapore Expat forums and think I've found another mexican place to try. It was recommended by someone from Southern California. I think that's a pretty trustworthy source. I'll let ya know how it goes....

As for now, we get to have homemade burritos and tacos thanks to a care package from home! Yay!


Cori said...

Oh you poor sweet girl. I could just see you about to cry in frustration over not being able to find Taco Bell. When you come home for a visit we'll go back to Baja 600.

Anonymous said...

You are really unappreciative of the experiences most would die for. I started reading your blog out of curiosity, and all I have seen is constant whining. Try to embrace a culture before searching far and wide for some corporation that reminds you of home. What is the point of moving across the world if you aren't trying to understand the differences in cultures?

Megan said...

Seriously? Seriously. Well ya see (insert coward's name here), I'm not on fucking vacation and I'm not traveling the world because it's something I've always dreamed of. I was told to live here. I experience the culture. I've lived the Asian culture...every God damned day for the past 3 months. I'm over the vacation side of Singapore. I'm forced to live here for 3 years. People are allowed to have a preference. I prefer home. I prefer to see my family and friends when I'd like to. I'd like to be able to run to a familiar store when I'm out of something. I'd like to fucking know what I'm ordering in a restaurant for dinner. I'm sure you have preferences too. You like to be a person who looks at stranger's blogs and criticize them instead of living their own life. I think you are unappreciative of what life has to offer simply by criticizing strangers instead of doing what it is that makes you bitter in life. Get off your ass and do something instead of cruising random blogs. You don't know me. You don't know my situation. Seriously, what kind of jackass leaves negative comments on random people's blogs? Also, what is this nbnbnbsif? Are you too big of a coward to actually put your real opinion out there?This blog is for my family and friends who I miss dearly and miss me as well. So, close out my blog's window and go back to browsing porn or ebay or whatever else it is that lazy fat fucks do instead of having their own life. Better yet, fuck off.