Friday, June 27, 2008

My Goodness, My Guinness

This is our new puppy Guinness. We rescued him from an animal shelter here in Singapore. Someone dumped him and his sister on the side of the road and thankfully, the animal shelter picked them up before the Asians ate them (just kidding).

He's 2 1/2 months old and is a mixed breed. We're thinking he's part Chow and part Lab. The shelter didn't know for sure. We asked the guy which puppy was the calmest and the guy pointed to "Zorro". Yeah, we changed his name. Zorro sounds like a queer Spaniard with too much cologne and a slicked back hairdo.

We know he's going to be big. However, the small dogs in Singapore start at $1,000 each. So we decided to get a big one that needed a much cheaper home instead. :)

He's such a good that he has food and chew things. The only accidents he's had so far have been due to human error. Aaron and I are working on that one. We'll be potty trained soon.


Cori said...

I'm an aunt! Yea for me! Guinness, huh? You can take the girl out of Lawrence, but you can't take the Lawrence out of the girl. I'll be naming your children. Email me when you're ready for your list of names.
P.S. He's very cute! How old is he?

Cori said...

Oh, I guess you already said how old he is. Sorry. I was distracted by the cute pic.