Sunday, July 6, 2008

TGI Fourth of July

This Fourth of July, Aaron and I celebrated by finally finding the TGIFridays in Malaysia. It was just as exciting as finding 100 dollars. Aaron and I love TGIFridays and went there a lot when we were dating. We'd seen online that there was one in Malaysia, but everytime we asked someone, they looked at us like we'd asked for directions to the moon. It took us 3 trips to Malaysia to finally find it. We finally did. Thank you Google Earth.
What was even more exciting was the fact that Asia hadn't infiltrated it yet. The food tasted the exact same! We've never been to an American restaurant in Asia that didn't try to at least sneak one oriental dish in there. Apparently, this TGIFridays imports everything from the US and Australia to make it authentic and just like home. THANK GOODNESS! I always can't fix something that isn't broke. Thank you Asia for not messing up our favorite restaurant.
This is a picture of the paper promo menu that was on the table. The prices are in Malaysian Ringgit. One US dollar is equal to 3.27 in Malaysian Ringgit. So the prices were pretty similar to what we pay back home, but compared to Singapore, it's super cheap. Singaporeans are very "proud" of everything they sell. Someone should tell them that it's not that great and they should lower their prices. We were once charged 50 bucks for two drinks in Clarke Quay. Can we say ridiculous?

Anywho, the menu was nearly the same minus a few things. Aaron was sad for a split second that they did not have his favorite green bean fries, but he got over it when he ate his steak. It was a good time. We ended up making friends with two servers and both managers. We got a free dessert and they hailed a cab for us so we wouldn't get mugged. Good to know that foreigners aren't encouraged to be in the country after dark. Ha.

(Sis, you'll be proud to know that I wrote an email to their corporate headquarters to tell them what a great job they're doing. Since you have no time to write letters, I'll pick up where you left off.)

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