Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Perhaps some conversation starters

I'm on this kick now where if something interesting happens, I take a picture. Here are some of my pictures from this week:

This is the little gecko that snuck into our flat the other evening. These little guys used to scare the bejesus out of me. However, after learning that these tiny lizards eat the bugs in our house, I think they are my friends and welcome them in. The only thing that sucks is that they poop all over our white walls. Effing sick.

I made fried rice the other night. I don't care that I used the wrong kind of rice and that I made entirely too much (there's a huge tub of plain cooked rice in our fridge). I hear it's really hard to make non-American processed rice without a rice cooker and I did it. I thought it tasted pretty good too.

Here's the entire dinner. Fried rice and steak. Yes, we're aware that it's an odd combo. We can only allow so much of Asia into our house at once. Maybe next week we can try stir fry and barbeque chicken or lo mein and cheeseburgers.

We bought this pineapple to try out our new pineapple corer/slicer. It's super cool. After you take the sliced pineapple out, you're left with a nifty pineapple cup. I feel a cocktail party idea coming on!

Our beloved doormat. It took a lot of "doin" to get this doormat to us. BB&B said it was discontinued, but I found a way to get around their lies. It's the perfect doormat to cause confusion in Singapore. It's mean and uninviting. We love it.


Cori said...

Oh I just love you and your doormat. And I'm proud to see you cooking and coring pineapples. Cute little domestic sister.

Joleene said...

I LOVE the made me laugh. I think I need one of those for each of my moods.

Mel said...

I love the pineapple- if you were home you know we would fill that bad boy with vodka!