Friday, August 1, 2008

Singapore Family Game Night

To curb our spending (which easily gets out of control in an expensive place like Singapore), we've begun cracking into our stash of board games. Thank goodness our friends at home bought us these as wedding gifts.

Wednesday night, we played The Game of Life: Twists and Turns. It was a much more modern and realistic version of the old Game of Life. In this one, you choose whether you go to college (which also determines whether or not you get promotions later), whether you want to get married and have children or whether you want to spend your life traveling or working. You also get to choose how long you play by programming the console to how many years you want to play. We played three games: 15 years, 20 years and five years. I won two games out of three. Apparently I'm more into getting married and having children and Aaron is more into making money. (You get more "life" points from "life" experiences and that's why I usually win).

Thursday night, we decided to test our minds and play Trivial Pursuit Greatest Hits: 80s, 90s and Pop Culture 2 Edition. We thought we'd be awesome at this one. However, it turns out we don't pay attention all that much to things going on in the world. One game lasted over three hours because we couldn't answer a question to save our lives. It was at least a learning experience.

We have many many more games to try out. Game night brings out the competitive jerk in both of us and makes for a hilarious evening. Aaron is a taunter....until he starts losing. I want to play the game all night...until I start losing. You'd never know we actually liked each other in a heated match. Pretty funny.

It's all good fun and it keeps us from sitting in front of bad TV.

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Cori said...

That brings back so many memories of Beloit. Johnny and I had nothing to do for entertainment, so we took long walks and played board games. Scattergories was our fave. We also played Trivia Pursuit: 20th century edition and Monopoly. Looking back, that was one of the best times. And now, three noisy kids later, I'm glad we enjoyed our alone time.