Friday, August 22, 2008

Our home away from home, away from home...

Last weekend, Aaron and I took a "holiday" to Bintan, Indonesia. Jennie (from the post office) and her husband Melvin brought us as a wedding gift. They might just be the sweetest people on Earth. We had a great time. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment:

When you arrive at the Nirwana Hotel Resort, they dance and play drums to welcome you. Can we say fun?! I was very excited.

Then they give you this watermelon tea drink thing. It is super delicious. I practically chugged mine.
This is the back view of the hotel. It's all open-air, which surprisingly stays cool.

Here's the hotel's infinity pool. Even though it was very pretty and had a swim-up bar, we spent our time on the beach.

We had to walk a little ways to get the more secluded beach, but it was so worth it. We had a whole stretch to ourselves.

The water is clear as glass. It's really cool at first and then when we noticed the creatures swimming next to us, we decided that dirty water might not be so bad. Ignorance is bliss, right?
The dancers from the resort put on a show for us during dinner. Then they came and gave us all a flower for our hair.

We will definitely be returning to Bintan. It was the perfect getaway to de-stress my little overworked postman. Many thanks to Jennie and Melvin for the great weekend. I kinda want to move there and just commute to Singapore. Can we arrange that?


B-Mom said...

Wow! What a nice gift! It looks absolutely beautiful there. You guys are spoiled!

Cori said...

So spoiled....but I'm so happy for you! You two needed a break. Thank you Jennie and Melvin!

Joleene said...

Those pics are so beautiful! You are very lucky to be able to do all of this unique/exotic travel. Even if my Dr would let me travel, I would only be going to exotic Grove, Oklahoma to Colby's family on Grand Lake...and I can't even ride the jet ski : )
So keep up the pics and I can pretend that I have been there.