Friday, August 29, 2008

Singaporean Radio

So I was listening to the Singaporean radio today (on the way back from yet another understaffed mail run) and the DJ reported that the "still-pregnant Halle Berry might be getting engaged to her model boyfriend".

Ahem. Excuse me? Still pregnant? Really? Those 14 month pregnancies must be a bitch.

Isn't that kid called Nahla? and wasn't she born in MARCH? Way to check your facts there journalist. Remind me again why I don't have a job in this country?

Also, do you know what games they play on the radio here on Saturdays? Not the kind we're used to such as "guess this song clip and win two concert tickets to Miley Cyrus". They play the "give me your sleeping friend's phone number so that we can wake them up on national radio at 8 AM on a Saturday" game. Isn't that the cruelest thing you've ever heard? I would walk straight down to the radio station and back hand anyone that called me on a weekend morning for a laugh. Who would do that to someone they wanted to remain friends with? Also, who the hell cares to hear that? Just play the American music and shut up already.

On the plus side, I've found that Singaporean radio plays a much better variety than they do in the States. Back home, if you listen to one station for an hour, things start repeating. Here, they'll pull out forgotten songs of the 80's and 90's. I love it. Remember Robyn? They still play her here. Ah, awkward middle school dance memories.

I also heard that Avril Lavigne is throwing a concert in Malaysia. Rumor has it that they deemed the star "too sexy" and asked her to keep it tasteful. Ha ha. I live in a world where Avril Lavigne is too sexy. I guess I could see how her combat boots and men's tank tops could be an Amish community.

Now I'm off to bed to finish the sleep that a mail run interrupted.


Mel said...

I miss talking with you. You will have to start calling me more often and I will do the same. I updated just for you, but I warn you its pretty lame and boring which is my life lately though I did ranch it up last night and was in my rare ranch form. miss you.

Cori said...

megan, i have a confession to make. i still have your robyn cd. but you can't have it back. i enjoy it. secretly. when i'm alone in the kia.

Megan said...

Holy crap! I have been wondering what happened to it for years! I'll let you keep it...only cuz you fessed up.