Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wouldn't You Quit?

Singapore has a very interesting way of "gently nudging" people to quit smoking. They plaster these lovely photos across every pack of cigarettes sold in the country.

Please excuse me for putting such grotesque things on my blog. I just thought a certain member of my family should see these. :)

I'd think just having to carry around a picture like that to support a bad habit is enough to make me give it up. We should do this in the States! I'm all for scare tactics to keep people healthy. Scare the bejesus out 'em. Smoke a cigarette and lose half of your face! I'd put them down. As a former "social" smoker, I'm happy to say that I will never touch one of those face eating things again. I'm way too conceited for that. I need my whole face.

I just thought it might be something for a certain someone to think about....

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Joleene said...

That is disgustingly beautiful. I agree, it is a nasty habit and probably very hard to quit. This is a good reminder each time you reach for a cancer stick. Why take a gamble that this could be you?