Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our new Home Sweet Home and all of its flaws

We're officially in our new place. Yay! We cleaned, buffed and scrubbed our old residence last night and it passed inspection this morning. That means that we're not "in limbo" between the two places and the new one is officially "home". No more stinky nasty furniture-infested bachelor housing. Now we have pretty, shiny, no furniture-infested family housing. :)

The kitchen is the only thing that's completely unpacked. We're so excited about our new stuff that we've used nearly everything in it in only 3 days. However, all is not sunshine and roses. Our very small dishwasher broke last night and now I'm waiting for DS2 (the repairmen on base) to come and fix it. They've already been to our house twice since we've moved in. Yeah, they're going to LOVE us.

Then there's the bathroom. I love love love the big counter tops and the storage closet that it has. Yet, there is no stinkin' electrical outlet ANYWHERE in the dang thing! What the hell is that about? So now Aaron has to pick up a bunch of extension cords, plug it into the outlet across the room and string it around the walls to reach the bathroom. Can we say "ghetto fabulous"? I have a feeling that there's going to be a lot of ghetto fabulousness in our Singaporean house. The bedroom only has TWO electrical outlets and it's not like in America where each outlet has double plug-ins. No no, my friends. Each outlet is a single. This establishes that there's gonna be a lot of cords and transformers in this room. So if there's ever a fire in Sembawang, there's a good chance it'll originate in our bedroom.

So other than those two big things and a night on the phone with upper management at Target (that's a whole other blog), things are going well. We are currently on the hunt for a couch...and a console table...and mirrors...and a kitchen cart...and a vanity...and the list will keep going, I'm sure.

Someday, Megan. Someday.


Cori said...

I want to know how Target is resolving the "issue". Are there Targets in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Did you yell at target? I want to see what your house looks like furnished.