Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dinner at the Hawker Stall

Aaron and I ventured out the other day to dine with the asian kids. Sometimes we can be a little brave. Tuesday, we went to a hawker stall for dinner.

Singapore is full of hawker stalls and is a popular way to dine out. A hawker stall is very similar to an American-style food court with several choices of "restaurants" and tables to pick on your own. Most hawker stalls are outdoor with some kind of cover.

This one is somewhat close to our house and if we're feeling healthy, we'll walk there. It's intimidating at first because you can't recognize the what the food is, but on my second trip, I was less scared.

Here's what it looks like from the outside.

...and the inside
This is Chilli Crab. It is a famous Singaporean dish that has made the country famous or so we hear. Aaron and I find it very hard to eat (and very messy). It's a crab that's sitting in chilli sauce. Only, imagine trying to crack crab shell when it's slimy from the sauce. It's really difficult.

This is pineapple rice. One of my favorite Singaporean dishes. It's got rice, pineapple, chicken, egg, ham and shrimp in it. Sounds like an odd combo, but it's delish.

This is BBQ Stingray served on a banana leaf. It's soooo good. It tastes like a really mild fish. I like to dip it in the red chilli sauce to give it some spice. You have to be careful when you eat it though, because it has small, soft bones on the underneath side. Not so fun to chomp down on.

Oh, the pictures of Chinatown and Little India are posted on my facebook page for those interested.

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