Sunday, December 13, 2009

The job hunt, inspired by song

As we prepare to move back to Kansas in the next year, the job search is, by far, the most daunting task. In this economy, job hunting is about as much fun as going to the dentist everyday.

That's why when I saw this little ray of sunshine, I felt a little less nervous.

There IS a place out there just waiting for me to join the ensemble of awesomeness.

Now if only I could just figure out what company these people work for.


FISH said...

I think those are the guys I talk to every day in the US. Now I know why it never feels like they are completely paying attention on the phone.

My Three Sons said...

Funny. What did you major in when in college? Are you planning on going back home or looking at OP or Kansas City?? Job market is really tough everywhere. I live in KC and the news said that Over qualified people were applying for jobs at Worlds Of Fun last summer because they were in big companies and were laid off. They were just looking for anything to make some money. Sad.....

Megan said...

Hey there! I hope you and your boys are enjoying the holiday season!

In answer to your question, I studied journalism. I've done everything from magazine writing to public relations. Yet, the job market is not promising for any such positions at the moment. At least that's what I can tell from this far away.

World's of Fun, really? Wow. I guess if you've gotta take a cut, might as well have fun while you're at it, right?

Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday!