Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Men with Purses

Ok, so I'm just going to put this out there.

What the heck is up with Singaporean guys carrying their girlfriend's purse around town?

There's a word for guys like that where I'm from.

And it rhymes with "zissy".

Just sayin'.


Michelle said...

Okay, I haven't noticed this quite as much in Singapore, but I went to China a couple of weeks ago and couldn't get over this! I agree with you--it's bizarre!

Brad Farless said...

It's an ethnic Chinese thing I think.

I agree too. It's sissy. I can see carrying a fair share of purchased items, carrying groceries, etc., but a woman's purse is her own problem, especially since most of them are used primarily as fashion accessories.

If it's too heavy for the girl to carry, then she either needs to exercise or leave some things at home. It's Singapore, not the rain forest.

Just to take this a step further, what's with all the girls around here that cling to their man non-stop, as if there's a strong wind blowing or they're afraid he might bolt at any moment?

Beth said...

Ugh, man bags have invaded Europe too. Not Ireland, thank God (here we all laugh and subtly point at the tourists with their little man purses), but I've realised that I've been doing it enough lately that I'm starting to get concerned!

ursie said...

It's definitely an Asian thing; heavily Taiwanese/HK-influenced, if I'm not wrong. Apparently it's in fashion for guys to carry totes now. What's worse is that sometimes it's not the girlfriend's, but actually theirs. Eurgh. Maybe they think it's hip to be metrosexual now; way too much for me to stomach though.

Just stare relentlessly at them next time & hope that they'll someday get the message. I do.

Amused said...

Well this is something that is solely for the couple to decide. Neither right or wrong to do so. Having said that, I would not carry my wife's handbag nor have I done it during courtship days. Like what Brad says, if it is too heavy, lighten it!

Sandra said...

Had to laugh when I saw that. I always comment to my sons about it and joke with them that I hope I never see them do that for their girlfriends although my oldest says that if the guy does not have a problem with it why the issue? This is something new because when I was growing up you never saw a guy carry his girlfriend's purse, never.... As for me, I would never let my husband carry my bag, and neither would he do so. I just don't understand why the girls do that, maybe one of them could explain??

Man from SG said...

TO put everyone straight, i'm from singapore it's a called a 'man bag'. Basically it comes with the 'tight cardigan' 'skinny jeans' 'loafer shoes' image that is all the rage in east asia. you'll see this in Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, China, Singapore and soon other east Asian countries. Yes it's sissy, coz there' back packs, sling bags, satchels, day packs, fanny packs and any number of bags so i have NO idea why any decent minded guy would want to carry a women's purse. iT' gross. That said most of the guys who carry these bags are gaunt, skinny, and probably faint if you said 'boo' so sissy isn't all too far form the point

Brad Farless said...

The conversation is interesting, but I'm pretty sure Megan was mostly commenting on how men go out on dates with women, and then carry the woman's purse for her throughout the evening, rather than men who carry bags (messenger style or otherwise) on a regular basis.

ExPatter said...

I carry my girlfriend's purse sometimes and I'm white and American. So what? If that makes me a sissy, then a man with a baseball cap is a pansy. I mean to say, that some of you are pretty superficial and judgmental here. But whutteva! I'm just sayin'.

Brad Farless said...

That's a ridiculous comparison.

Wearing a baseball hat is a traditional part of American culture, especially since we came up with the idea of baseball. It also does things like protect your head from the sun.

If you're picking up Asian habits that's fine, but saint try to justify it that way because it doesn't make sense.