Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Navy Ball

We spent last night at the US Navy Ball which was held at the famous Fullerton Hotel in Singapore.

Isn't it gorgeous? I love that hotel.

We had a blast and I finally took pictures to prove it.

I forgot last year. Wine does that to my brain sometimes.

I'll post some more later, but I need a nap right now. We got home waaaay after our 9 o'clock bedtime. Singapore has made us into geezers that go to bed at unreasonable hours for 20 somethings.


Travis said...

Apparently America makes you a geezer too. I can barely stay awake for anything anymore. Pathetic.

Kristen said...

you look beautiful! Glad you had fun!

B-Mom said...

What a great picture, you look gorgeous!

Debbie said...

I love that picture of the two of you! You look so sofisticated and grown up...... then I had to go look at the ball pictures! Seriously though, you both look gorgeous!

Brad Farless said...

You both look top notch in this photo! Hope you had a good time!

Cori said...

Both of you look fantastic! I knew that dress was perfect for you! Hope you had fun.

I miss you so much. :(
Can't wait until Christmas.