Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Singapore Wedding Story

Last night, Aaron and I attended the wedding of our friends Mia and D. It was the first wedding we've been to in Singapore and surprisingly the first wedding we've been to since our own.

We had no idea what to expect before we went because Mia is from this part of the world and D is from the States.

It ended up being very similar to American weddings and yet had some very cool local customs too. It was a lovely combination of the two cultures.

This is Sugee cake they're cutting. Sugee cake is a delicious traditional Eurasian cake. It's difficult to find, but oh so worth it when you do. It is a coarse cake made from ground almonds and semolina. It's not as sweet as our cakes in the West, but the texture is a refreshing change. It is usually topped with marzipan and royal icing. Sandra will probably get on here and correct me, but I think that's what she told me.

After the ceremony, dinner, cake and performances by friends and family, the couple then sits on the ornate bench (for lack of a better word in my American knowledge) and the guests take turns having their picture taken with the couple.

Aaron was a little jealous that we didn't get to sit for pictures at our wedding. He'll tell you that I made him do acrobatics, millions of poses, and run all over Kansas for our pictures.

Then I'll tell you that he's a fibber.

We only went to two places in Kansas.

This is actually the second attempt of the bouquet toss. The first attempt ended with an unfortunate landing in a pool of curry. It all worked out in the end. Only a few flowers were coated in sauce.

Congratulations Mia and D! We wish you a happy and wonderful life together. Thank you for inviting us to share in your big day.


FISH said...

I like the facial expressions during the bouquet toss. Putting it in context with the second toss makes the image more clear... why the, "okay, let's avoid the curry this time, honey" look across the group. LOL.

Brad Farless said...

Very nice looking wedding. The bride is Malay? It reminds me of another wedding blog post I saw by a friend of mine and she's Malay. She married an Italian guy and lives in Rome now.

By the way, the wedding I went to last weekend was the first one I'd been to in Singapore, other than my own, and was the first one since my own. ^_^

Sounds like everything went well... except for the curry incident... but that just makes it memorable!

Good luck to the newlyweds!