Monday, April 12, 2010

Daawat Tandoori has won me over

My work colleagues celebrated (is that the right word?) my farewell lunch last Friday. Since it was a lunch in my honor, I got to pick the place.

Those are the worst words an indecisive eater ever wants to hear. I have a hard time deciding what to cook for dinner. I had no idea where to pick as my "Last Supper" as a working girl in Singapore.

To avoid having to make a decision, I told them that I wanted to eat local food and I didn't want it to be expensive. Those were my only requirements.

And with that, I was off the hook. Ha.

They first picked a Chinese-style restaurant. After I checked out the restaurant on, I vetoed it. Because I like to be difficult.

No, not really.

Even though authentic Chinese food tastes good, it's a lot of work. This particular menu featured a lot of seafood and meat dishes. The problem I had with that is they leave the bones in the meat, the scales on the fish, and the heads and shells on the prawns. It wouldn't be that big of a deal if all that stuff wasn't then coated in sauce. It's difficult for an American girl to peel a shrimp with chopsticks.

I just want to eat my lunch. Not wrestle it.

So I suggested Indian cuisine. Indian has quickly become one of my favorite food genres since I arrived here in Singapore. I love the spices, the sauces and the yummy breads that they seem to always serve.

Even amongst the groans of the older American guys in the office, I stuck to my one decision of Indian cuisine. Americans tend to have an irrational fear that Indian food is overly spicy. I used to be one of those people. It's not true. You can order spicy things at an Indian restaurant, but not everything is spicy.

My Singaporean coworkers made the final call on where we were going. They chose a North Indian restaurant located on Upper Thomson Road called Daawat Tandoori.

And I just want to say this: Daawat Tandoori is AH-MAZING.

As in, fall on the floor fantastic.

I had no idea just how much I loved Indian food until I ate at this restaurant. I was so mesmerized by the super delicious Butter Chicken we ordered that I forgot to take pictures before we nearly ate everything.

This is what was left after about five minutes. This is cheese naan, mutton briyani with gravy and Aaron's empty plate. We also had paneer naan which is naan with cottage cheese inside.

For the Americans out there, naan is an Indian bread that I would consider a cross between a tortilla and pita bread. When they stuff it with cheese, it's like an Indian quesadilla. It's heaven in your mouth. We ate two orders.

It's that good.

Like I said though, the Butter Chicken is worth it's weight in gold. We're going back to this place before I leave specifically to eat that again. I'm going to see if I can coax a recipe outta somebody too.

So yeah, I'm a fan of North Indian food.

I was told that this type of cuisine is often prepared with yummy stuff like yogurt and ghee and has a little bit different flavor than South Indian food (the kind I'd had up until this point).

I know that I definitely like both styles, but this restaurant is awesome. Go get some Butter

(As always, no one paid me to say these things about this establishment. I just thought it rocked.)


Foodbuff said...

Hi there, you know if you ever want to make the best butter chicken ever but can't be bothered roasting and grinding all the spices yourself, then I can send you my hand made butter chicken spice mix which we ship around the world for free. It's all totally natural and tastes delicious! You can get it from my website at thanks.

Babs said...

Greetings from Amman
OMG! I am soo jealous :) I just love food in Singapore - the Indian one as well... Just found your blog... are you leaving Singapore or just quitting work? Well anywayz excited about following you.

Mitja said...

I have a butter chicken recipe that's fairly easy. Not out of jar easy but reasonable. (Got it from the cooking class...did you miss this one?). You basically make tandoori chicken but save some of the sauce and the chicken. Then, among other things, you add lots of butter. Will email it to you later.

Megan said...

Mitja, thank you! I never got to make it to a class because of work. :( I'd always wanted to though.

Babs, thank you for the comment. I will be leaving Singapore because my husband's military tour is over. Hope things are well in Amman. I have a friend who's from there. Very cool place.

Debbie said...

Greg and I are both so sad you're leaving!!! And we can't believe we never met you! Thanks for all the fabulous tips the last year and of course all the LAUGHS! You are an amazing writer and we will miss your take on all things Singapore!

Debbie said...

I forgot my main point...

We too love butter chicken! It's amazing! I especially like it with a little mint chutney on the side (greg's not crazy about mint chutney). If it's done well we like chicken tikka masala even better than butter chicken! :) We haven't tried this restaurant yet though, so we'll have to try it soon!

Alyson said...

This place (and the food) sounds amazing. I've only had Indian once back in the States (not too daring when it comes to ethnic cuisines) but when I arrived in Singapore 2 weeks ago and saw and heard about how delish Indian food is here... and after eating Chinese/Japanese (or some mix of) for every meal so far, I think I'm going to have to give this place a try.
And it's always good to have a rec from a fellow American when foreign food is involved-- thanks!

Shameer said...

hey guys just let you know, I've been working with Daawat to get a website for them so that they create more awareness. here it is, it has everything, the menu, the location, so :) have fun!

shiv said...

Hi Madam

Thanks for Review. See you again.

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