Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I have a crush on Japan

It's true. I love Japan. I kinda want to move there for a minute. It's my favorite part of Asia so far.

I'm actually going to have to make several posts about my trip because we (mostly me) experienced so much in our short few days.

First of all, check this out. Holy Mother of God, it's Taco Bell! I was in burrito, quesadilla and taco heaven. Best day ever (everyday because that's how often I ate it.)

Here's me at one of the really cool temples in Tokyo. I was all psyched about it until I realized that these "temples" are really cemetaries. Oh well, I still think they're pretty.
Yep, all of the signs are in Japanese. We had no idea where we were walking or where anything was. I thought it was a fun adventure. Cold, but fun.

This picture is for my nephew Aidan. He's my Star Wars buff and he's only 5. This is the mail drop box on the base in Japan. Isn't it sweet?

This one is for my mom. Pansies are her favorite flower. I found these at a little shop in an alley in downtown Tokyo.

I promise to post more and to go into a little more detail. However, I just got back yesterday afternoon and I had to start my new job today. I'm a little too tired for stories today. I'll have to recharge first. I'll post all of our pics on facebook for those that can't wait.


Hil said...

i LOVE the r2d2 mailbox. that is just AWESOME.

Cori said...

I have missed you! Glad you had so much fun, and I can't wait to hear about the job. Not sure when to call, so you call me. Love you!

Brad Farless said...

I know how you feel about the Taco Bell. I've been craving it for so long now. My wife told me there's one in the Philippines and I was like, "WHAT!? And you never told me!???" We've been there a few times and never stopped at a Taco Bell. I'd never seen one either. She was like... "Well, Taco Bell is kinda ... meh." Hmmmm. Dang women...

Scrolling back through your archives I'm kinda surprised at how similar your experience in Asia is to mine. What I mean is the things you miss, the things you're surprised at, and the things that drive you crazy. It seems like the American experience in Asia is fairly similar from American to American which makes me feel better somehow.