Sunday, November 2, 2008


Friday was the Halloween party at the Terror Club. The theme was 60s and 70s Night. Since we live in Singapore, a place that doesn't celebrate Halloween like we do in the States, we didn't have many choices of costumes. And being the big procrastinators that we are, I didn't order us some online last month, like everyone else did. So we stretched the theme a bit. We went as the toga party kids from National Lampoon's Animal House (a movie made in 1978). Yes, it was a stretch, but I loved our costumes. The best part? They were FREE!!!! Chicka chicka yeah!

So here we are in all our toga glory:

It was kinda odd going to a Halloween party in an outdoor setting and actually sweat. I'm used to freezing in whatever costume I choose to wear. It was a nice change.

Here's the rest of the guys. They actually followed the theme pretty well.
and the gals in white....
It was a good time. There were quite a few drunken Aussies at the party and they always make things interesting. Apparently, one of their ships got held up and they had to stay an extra day. They were quite thrilled to stay in Singapore another night. I kept begging one of them to teach me to speak with his accent. He was very sweet and tried to teach me for quite a while. I still can't do it.
Sorry I'm not awesome.

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