Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Not So Sunny-Side Up

Here's a fun story I read about the other day: Remember those eggs we saw out in town at the grocery stores? Ya know, the ones that aren't refrigerated? Also the ones that we've been buying until recently? Well, turns out they're not as safe as we thought.

I read a whole article written by the Command's food inspectors a couple days ago. Turns out, there is an extreme possibility that these little suckers are incubators of salmonella. Isn't that a treat? Apparently, because they are not refrigerated, ever, until you take them home, the chances of salmonella growing inside them is very probable. If you must buy them, they have to be cooked completely with no runny-ness at all. (Yeah, I don't always do that. I like sunny side up breakfasts. It makes my plate look happier.)

So why don't the Singaporeans get sick then, one might ask? It's like when you go to Mexico and they tell you not to drink the water. And then you see Mexicans drinking it and they're fine. Well, same goes for the Singapore peeps. They've built up an immunity to food filth. That makes me feel great about eating out in town. I'm so going to die of some weird food borne illness here.

Here's another fun factoid: They've now found traces of melamine in eggs from China. Great.

I'm boycotting eggs this week/month/year.

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Dawn said...

Actually - and THIS is one of those particularities, I wondered why people in the US put their eggs in the fridge. My husband once worked on a chicken farm in Singapore as a holiday job and apparently the difference is that in the US, they tend to wash the eggs before selling them. We don't do that in Singapore apparently. That covering (and of course I don't remember the name though he told me!), affords protection because it has an additional film.