Thursday, October 9, 2008

Makin' Dad proud

Anybody who knows my family knows that we're the bowling family. My Dad has ran a bowling alley---er, center (sorry Dad) for years. We, as a family, have lived and breathed bowling since we were babies. I'm not kidding. As an infant, I was put down for naps in the back office while my mom ran the Seniors' league. All 5 of us kids bowled in the Saturday morning kids league and traveled to bowling competitions all over the state of Kansas. My Dad has bowled in more leagues than I'm sure he can even count and in many competitions all over the United States. Yeah, we're pretty hardcore. That is, except me. I quit bowling in leagues when I was about 13. What can I say? I was a rebellious teenager.

So last night Aaron volunteered me to bowl for his command's team in the Navy's bowling league here in Singapore. Just me though. Aaron does not bowl. He thinks it diminishes his manlyness to get schooled by a girl in a sporting activity. (At least that's my theory.) But really, he kind of sucks. Sorry babe.

It was pretty cool to check out a Singaporean bowling center. It did not smell the same at all.

However, it was cool to see that all the equipment is the same. AMF also rules the Singaporean bowling world too, Dad.
This is me after a particularly exciting strike.
Not your typical American bowling snack bar.

Check out the menu. I was sad not to see "Super nachos" and "Grilled cheese" and all of the other delectable greasy choices from home. They asianized it. They served things like Fish ball, Curry puffs and Cup of noodles.

I had a really good time bowling. Aaron had a really good time pretending to be my coach and telling me to move two boards to the left after every throw. He doesn't even know what that means. Silly boy.

Seriously though, I forgot how fun this game is. I have to get back into the groove of it after such a long absence. I bowled a 136, 146, and a 153. Not too bad for using a house ball.

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Cori said...

Oh no. The Heffley bowling dynasty is represented in Asia sister, who by her own admission quit when she was 13. Let's put this in TMZ terms: You have a movie, you decide to cast a Baldwin, you get one of their sisters. What? Didn't know they had sisters? Exactly.

Ha ha. You know I love you. I just really needed to let all of this sarcasm out. It was eating me up! :)