Monday, October 20, 2008

Not exactly the fruit tree I'd want in my yard

This is a durian tree that grows near the halfway house that's close to our housing community. Isn't that fun? Not only do we live next to a women's prison, but we also share our area with the men's halfway house. Can't you tell that the Singaporeans LOVE us?

Anyways, the durian tree grows just outside the gates of this place. It's also where the random chickens live.

One of the durians is wrapped in a plastic bag. I think it's to keep animals from eating it. I could be full of it though.

I guess there's like a dozen more durian trees in our housing area as well. We saw two more on Saturday on the same street.

But really, there are a ton of fruit trees in general around here. At our old place, we had a perfect view of a ginormous mango tree that was across the street. Down the road, one family has a pineapple tree (it's more or less a bush), a mango tree and a cherry tree in their yard. Apparently people love to plant fruit trees here.

We will not be planting trees. I'm too "city" for all that. I like my fruit to be cleaned, waxed and on display under neon lights before I eat it.

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