Wednesday, October 15, 2008

When I was a kid...

...I didn't walk five miles in the snow to the school building like my dad claims he did, but I sure as hell roughed it a bit more than these chumps.

Check out the Singapore American School bus.
(Yes, I took the photo from my window. Keep your creepy stalking neighbor comments to yourself.)

That is a frickin' Greyhound bus painted yellow to mock the school buses that my friends and I had to endure in grade school. According to the SAS web site, these buses are air-conditioned, contain a seat belt for each passenger and come complete with GPS tracking systems. One of the moms even told me that the windows are bullet proof!

Are you kidding me?! We didn't even have seatbelts on buses at Basehor-Linwood School District! We were even forced to sit three to those tiny bench seats. Air-conditioning consisted of yanking the window down to the two inch allotment and pray that some air blew in your direction. We felt lucky to have a heater that would almost melt your shoes if you sat too close.

I feel a tad cheated here.

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Joleene said...

Well, we dotte kids sure could have used the bullet proof glass : )