Thursday, October 23, 2008

I think he knows...

A couple weeks ago, Aaron and I decided that it might be best to find Guinness a new home. We were exhausted from cleaning up destroyed toys, pee, poop and parts of our few pieces of furniture. He had literally chewed all of the patience out of us. Aaron and I were done-zo. We even decided that we were going to put up a flyer on the community board to find him a loving family.

Then a miracle happened. It was as if he heard us plotting. Ever since that day, he has been a near angel. Minus a chewed tag on a blanket, he's done no wrong. No accidents. No slimy toys shoved in our face. He hasn't even had an accident in his kennel which was something he did everyday for a week before we were plotting his demise. He is a very smart boy.

Look at how smart he is:

So we totally can't get rid of him now. He's been such a good buddy this week. Most of the time, he just cuddles with me on the couch. I can't give away a cuddler!

We might be friends after all.


Hil said...

he's so cute!! don't get rid of him!! :) (hahaha, easy for me to say since i don't have to clean up after him)

Cori said...

Okay, I hate to remind you of how alike we are, but do you remember when Wolfgang was two and I almost gave him away? Johnny asked me not to. (I was always glad I kept him, btw.)

Anonymous said...

I like should put him on a boat and let Ty play with him. He will put him in line.