Friday, October 24, 2008

Teppenyaki = Hibatchi

Today I went to lunch with a couple girls to Sakae Teppenyaki. It's located in Plaza Singapura and it's oddly positioned in the center of the first floor (I think, I can't remember. There's like 7 floors to that mall.) It's a neat place that has three large tables in which they seat customers around the flat grill. So that means it doesn't matter if you know the people that came in after you or not, you're sitting together. Whatev. Fine by me.

So the best way I can describe Teppenyaki is that it's a Hibatchi Steakhouse without the thrills and frills. This chef is no show pony. In fact, you may even question whether he wants to be there at all. He doesn't even know how to smile, I'm sure. This is very different to their flame-throwing American counterparts. Those men are the ultimate entertainers and awkward moment makers. I don't enjoy when they throw things at me and expect me to catch them in my mouth because it never makes it there. However, I won't lie. It made me a little sad that they didn't make a flaming choo choo train out of the onions in my dish. However, the food is delish.

I'm sorry that I didn't take pictures (Travis). I know blogs are better with pictures, but here's what I had:

Shredded lettuce with chilli sauce (mildly resembled a tossed salad)
Rice and Miso soup
Garlic rice (the ratio of garlic and rice was about equal)
Half shell something (it looked like clams but I swear the menu said shallots)
A bed of slimy sprout crap that I didn't touch

So the food was good. The chef was boring. I'll let it slide. However something exciting did occur. I used chop sticks through the entire meal (minus the soup duh). That's amazing for me! I even ate the rice with chopsticks. Yeah, I'm awesome. I think I'm ready for my numchucks now.

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