Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I do not like Singaporean workers today

I was awoken this morning by the sound of jackhammering directly outside my window. (The picture above was taken from my window to show you how close.) I think its the most alarming sound to wake up to. It's a good thing no one was around cuz things might have been thrown around the room.

What time did the workers feel it was appropriate to start hacking away and some asphalt? 8:45 am. Now, I know some of you, particularly the ones with kids, are thinking, "Oh, poor girl, she has no idea what early is yet." Well friends, let's put it in perspective here.

I still have no job. I have no kids. I sit around the house with nothing to do all day. Do I really need to be up early to begin that sucky kind of day?

Sorry, I'm still in bitter morning mode. I'm contemplating hurling some water balloons out the windows at the stupid workers. I just need to find some balloons....

(A big thank you to Aaron's sister Jessica!!! We got your package yesterday and we are having your chimichanga recipe and margaritas for dinner tonight. We loved the pictures from Rachel and Jack too! Thank you so much! Your brother is going to call you as soon as he gets home at a decent hour. He's still working 14 hour days :( Miss you guys!)

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Mel said...

I hope this link works. I find it very concering she couldnt pick just one newpaper to come up with that she read. I mean EVERY one. thats something a scared second grader would say. New York Times, USA today, Times Mag anything anyone?