Tuesday, December 16, 2008

24, which is almost 25, which is waaay too close to 30

(not that there's anything wrong with being thirty :) )
God gave me a great present for my birthday. He worked in his mysterious ways to get the Ministry of Manpower to approve the other girl's work pass. So now I have freedom! See, I was hired as part time which meant I work Wednesday afternoon, Thursday, Friday and alternate Saturdays. However, because her pass had not gone through, I was working everyday. (But you've all already read my bitching about my work schedule...SO ANYWAYS)

Today, I had another very treasured day off. I spent it going to the NEX, out to lunch with colleagues to celebrate the office birthdays and then home to clean the grossness in our house. Not a very fun day off, but a much needed one.
As for my birthday, we had such a great time. Minus a bout with a little sickness, it was a perfect day. We went out the night before the big day to Howl at the Moon Singapore. It's an awesome dueling piano bar that Paula (Aaron's mom) told us about. They have one in KC's Power and Light district and they just opened one here a couple of months ago. It's the most fun we've had since we arrived here. I'm not even joking. We had about ten people with us and it made for a very fun night. Here's some pictures from the evening:

We started out the night at a restaurant called Paulaner. It's owned by the same German company that makes Paulaner beers. I had the weiner schnitzel. Aaron was mildly intimidated. (just kidding)
Then we ventured over to Howl at the Moon.
Upon returning from the bathroom, I see this phrase written on the mirror behind the stage. I guess our friends gave the musicians a dollar to write "Happy Birthday Megan, We almost Love you". I thought it was pretty funny.
Then they called my name to come get on stage. It was a mildly embarassing moment of me not being able to get my big butt up on the piano, but I made it. Then I found out that a couple of our friends had arranged to get me a birthday cake. Isn't that so sweet? I was very excited. So I sat on the piano while everyone sang Happy Birthday. Awkward, but fun. Just like me.
Although, once we brought it back to the table, we were told that due to Singapore law, a bar is not allowed to house cutlery. So had to eat our cake with our hands and on napkins because they also had a limited supply of plates. I get it. It's a bar and angry drunk people may try to stab others. I found it more amusing than upsetting. That could have been the booze disrupting my thought process though.
So following all of this and a mountain of song requests from our table, we got a little rowdy.
Then they had us get on stage and play a song game which entailed feeling each other up. (Again, probably something that wouldn't have been so appealing with a sober mindset.)
and then they handed Faby and me a tamborine. You can't say no to a tamborine! So we went back on stage, yet again.

It was a long night, but so so so much fun. I hope we can go back soon. A couple of the musicians are American and their sense of humor is right up our alley.

So even though I miss my family and my bestest friends from home, it was a great birthday...followed by another long and wonderful day of Skype with everyone from home.


Cori said...

That looks like a GREAT birthday celebration! I'm so happy for you! We missed you terribly, of course. I'm going to sound like Dad here, but I still remember getting called out of Mrs. McIntosh's 4th grade class to go to the office when Dad called to tell me you were born. I was thrilled to have a sister!

As for the turning 24, GET OVER YOURSELF. If everything goes REALLY well, you are only going to keep getting older. And seriously, would you want to be 18 again? I didn't think so. Love you!

B-Mom said...

Happy Birthday Megan! Glad you had a great time and that hopefully your work hours will simmer down. And, take it from Cori, 24's nothing, I mean look at her! J/K Cori, love ya!