Monday, December 8, 2008

Say it in Singlish

I've decided to start an occasional update called "Say it in Singlish" as a way to show you kids at home the kinds of things I hear everyday. I'm constantly asking people to repeat themselves or asking them what the heck they've just said. I'll post these little snippets of my day on the blog to show you the challenge I'm facing in learning a British/Malay/Mandarin/Tamil version of English. This time though, it sounds more like a Brit.

Singaporean version: "I forgot to clear my rubbish from the bin. Could you help there?"

How I must translate: "I forgot to take out my trash. Could you do it for me?"

Yes, their way sounds much prettier. However, I'm sticking to my American sass. It seems to be fewer words that way. I'll be posting more interesting ones as I remember them.

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Hadi said...

Hi Megan, i was blog hopping and came across your blogspot. your article on Singlish was funny and very interesting to read. i just thought that Singlish is what makes us 'Singaporeans'. all the 'lah', 'lor, and the 'hor'. i am a linguistic lover and always admire accents especially aussie and british english - the way they speak, they sound better! anyway, keep blogging yea! :)