Sunday, December 7, 2008

Crawling out of my hole

Hi. Since today is Hari Raya Haji (a Muslim holiday celebrated in Singapore and many other parts of the world), I actually have a day off work. So now I have a free moment to update you all.

In response to several questioning people about why I haven't blogged, this blog shall serve to tell you why.

So even though I was only hired at my new job to work part time, I have been thrust into full time status thanks to a pokey work pass approval system affecting my coworker. This would be no big deal back home in the States, but here in Singapore, it sucks. Especially without a car. Did I mention that in Singapore full time includes Saturdays? Yeah. Me no likey.

Check out a typical day:

6:30 Wake up and get ready for work
7:45 Walk to the bus stop located about 4 blocks of hot humidity away
7:55-8:00 Catch the bus
8:10 Get off the bus and walk underground to get across the busy street then up several escalators to get to the above ground MRT
8:12 Throw some elbows and run and shove into the empty train to be able to get a seat or face standing up in shoulder to shoulder sardine-ness for the whole ride, which is not cool in a country that doesn't value the use of deodorant
8:43 Get off the MRT at Douby Ghaut station, walk up several flights of stairs, walk a half a mile and down several flights of stairs to switch to the other MRT train
8:49 Take the other train to the next stop which is directly under my office building
8:56 Walk up several flights of stairs and down several hallways and into the office tower section of the mall I work in
9:00 Finally make it up to the 16th floor and walk into my office hoping my day won't start with me getting screamed at (which is usually the case)
9:00-6:00 "Work"
6:00-7:35 Repeat the same travel routine in the reverse

So yeah, when I get home, I'm dead tired. We have just enough time to cook dinner, eat it, take care of poor neglected Guinness, sit for 1 hour and then go to bed. It pretty much sucks. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the extra money and having something to do's just a bit much. Be careful what you wish for, I guess.


Cori said...

You've painted a very dismal picture there, Sis. All the more reason you should blog. I fear they're trying to suck the creativity right out of you!

B-Mom said...

Ah, sorry you've had to work so much. But, it's very nice to FINALLY hear from you! I was getting a bit worried.