Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Giant Durians

This area is referred to as the Esplanade. Up until I did the research for this post, I incorrectly thought that the building was called "The Esplanade".

I was wrong. It doesn't happen very often, but alas it has happened.

I'm totally kidding, by the way.


Anyway. The building is actually one of two identical buildings in the Esplanade area and is correctly referred to as "Esplanade: Theatres on the Bay".

But I've never heard anyone call them that. That's just too many words.

I always hear "the Esplanade" or the "giant durians" as in the nasty smelling fruit that my brother made me eat for his birthday.

The buildings look a lot like that fruit that is oh so popular in this part of the world.

I still don't get the appeal.

On a side note, I'd like to express my extreme excitement over the fact that the local grocery store I sometimes go to has stopped carrying durians and thus I no longer wish to rip off my nose when shopping for produce.


One down, 50 more to go.


Brad Farless said...

I actually tried some durian around Christmas time I think it was, or New Year's. I forget which.

The actual fruit isn't as bad as the durian byproducts. I doubt I'll miss it, but as a weird side effect of eating it the smell no longer seems to bother me.

As for the Esplanade... I've been in Esplanade Park and the bridge near it to watch the fireworks on New Year's, but I've never gone to the giant durian buildings. I probably should sometime soon.

Beau Lotus said...

Durians gross me out, I'm among the few locals who hate them.

I can't even stand the smell and will never eat it, not even one drop.

But the Theatres on the bay, it's really quite nice. Went for a play there last year and was suitably impressed. And I've seen theatres in Paris, London etc.

And the Chinese call durians "liulian"...