Friday, September 12, 2008

A few housekeeping topics

Everyday, local Singaporeans dig through everyone's trash in the housing area. Most wake up at the butt crack of dawn to do this in the privacy of their own dumpster, but this couple was caught the middle of the afternoon. Ha! (Oh God, I'm that nosy housewife that spies out the windows.) We think they are searching for recyclables, but honestly, who knows. It must really suck to dig through our trash though cuz it's filled with Guinness' poop and dirty diapers from the baby across the hall. I think that's why this couple is walking away empty handed. Sorry for littering your treasure trove with garbage Mr. and Mrs. Dumpster Diver.

On a less dirty note, our living room actually is beginning to look like a living room. Thanks to an overly zealous office remodel and some turned cheeks, we have furniture! The couch was made for munchkins, I'm pretty sure, but hey, you can't beat free. We're currently looking for a cover for it cuz navy blue doesn't match the mammoth of a "Big Man Chair" that Aaron brought from home. I hope IKEA has some couch covers cuz they don't make couches this small in the US. We're all fat there and need things like "Big Man Chairs". (That's not a nickname. That's the name the chair is marketed under. It's like saying "Hey! If you're a fat ass, this is the chair for you.)

So yeah, it's mostly reject office furniture, but its still nicer than the crap we had from college. Guinness is a fan of the couch in particular. He is already "hiding" his toys on top of it.

We said he was cute...not smart.


Cori said...

Freecycling is very "in" right now. Maybe your neighbors are just hip and trendy. :)

B-Mom said...

Ohhh, I can't wait to see what you sister puts out for trash on Friday! And, a lot of our furniture is reject furniture, but it suits us well! Our Singapore representative came to the KC office this week and I was telling him all about you. He seems to really like it over there... although, his wife and kid live in Illinois.