Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Season, Singapore style

When Sandra, the Singaporean coworker of mine, sees weather like this, she excitedly goes to the window and says,

"Yay! I love this Christmas weather!"

And when she does that, I am always sitting in a state of confusion.

"Uh, no it isn't. That's rain, Sandra. Christmas weather is snow and cold."

Then she reminds me that she's from Singapore and the rainy season marks the beginning of the holiday season and that I'm from Kansas and don't know anything.

Ok. She's nicer than that, but I do forget that I was raised in a Christmas snow globe of a world sometimes.

Kansas Christmases are white and freezing and make me want my Grandma's hot cranberry tea, a cozy blanket and a fire in the fireplace.

They do not make me want my umbrella and a dry pair of pants.

I'm obviously still a work in progress. Singapore, I'll get it one of these days.


Brad Farless said...

I'm actually enjoying the rainy weather. It's cooling the place down to a tolerable level. I know what you mean though. The Christmas season just doesn't feel right without the crisp breeze, red cheeks, warm coats and grasping a tasty cup of hot chocolate while simultaneously warming your hands.

Sandra said...

Thanks my dear. Keep putting contents of our chit chats on your blog (Just kidding! I don't mind at all)For me, since I was a little girl (and also since I have never seen snow) it's the rain, the darkness that comes with it, all the X'mas tree and decor lights on in the house, Christmas carols playing and the smell of cakes fresh from the oven, etc. is what makes the season for me. I just love it; but only for the X'mas season though, for the rest of the year, I can do without it....

Ang Sar Lee said...

You just have to adapt to where you are. Try spending Christmas in Australia when it is summer there.