Friday, November 13, 2009


I'm probably going to get hate mail for this, but I don't care.

We went to Quiznos on Wednesday. Yes, I'm aware that it has nothing to do with my Asian experience.

And I enjoyed every bite of it anyway.

This Quiznos is at the new-ish Orchard Central mall.

It's right next to the Carhatt store. How's that for a slap of home? It was like a shot of tequila to my homesickness.

The menu is a tad shortened, but we've grown accustomed to American things being scaled down in Asia.

Everything looked very much the same as the shops in the States, right down to the pepper bar.
Aaron got the Zesty Grill Steak. I got the Smokey Chili Turkey --only because they don't carry the Chicken Carbonara. Otherwise, I'd never cheat on the Carbonara (hold the mushrooms).
It was honestly the best sub sandwich I've had in Singapore. I ate every single crumb.
I'm not kidding. I scooped every bread flake up with my fork. It looked like I hadn't eaten in days by the way I was hoovering this thing down.
Best part of all? The pepper bar had banana peppers. Singapore is experiencing a serious banana pepper drought. I think I ate 15 on my sandwich alone just to compensate for the lack in my diet.
Then just to top off our Singapore American experience, we picked up our own trash and threw it away.
Just like they do in the States.



Brad Farless said...

My wife and I walked right past this place on Sunday. I thought about it but wasn't in the mood for a sandwich at the time. How are the prices?

I tend to throw away my own trash when eating at McDonald's here as well. I suppose it's just a habit. It feels weird leaving trash on the table.

Megan said...

It really wasn't bad considering Quiznos is somewhat pricey in the States.

We got two 6" subs, one side salad and two drinks for S$19.

I remember paying $7 for a 6" sub and a drink in Kansas.

Cobalt Paladin said...

After seeing your post, I'll probably give it a try and have a taste of America (in Singapore). ;-)


I still clean up after dining in McD, KFC and Subway, just like I did back in America. The habit never dies.

Brad Farless said...

Ya, that's not a bad price at all. I think for my wife and I to have two combo meals at Subway with 6" subs is about 14 or 15 SGD too. I remember Quiznos being expensive in the US as well, which is why I've actually never eaten there. Funny that my first taste of an American chain will be in Singapore...

FISH said...

I've been there several times... always a nice escape back to the US. Also easy since it's less than a 5 minute walk from my office. :)

And they just opened up another outlet near our condo in Novena!

Kristen said...

mmmm Quiznos! Delicious!

andrea said...

No one should leave your hate mail on this! I am glad you enjoyed it :)

Cobalt Paladin said...

For us growing up in Singapore, our "Fast Food" is normally at the non-air-conditioned hawker centres, that is usually part of the wet market. I guess since we don't clear up our tables after that (because there isn't a collection bin), most of us thus don't have the habit of clearing up in the fast food joints in Singapore.

But since started working, I made it a point to clear my table after eating at a fast food joint now. Even though I may be in the minority, I do see that more of us are developing the habit. I know it is still rare but give it time, more of us will clear up in the future for sure. :)