Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Great Christmas gift idea and they ship internationally!

In case you haven't heard, Christmas is coming. I'm sure you've all been reminded by the endless string of commercials that seem to start earlier and earlier each year.

If you're anything like me, you need all the ideas and help you can get. Also, if you're anything like me, you need all the ideas and help you can get as early as you can get them.

For those of us with family on the other side of the world, Christmas shopping happens ridiculously early. We started planning and budgeting in August.

We learned our lesson on that one. When living abroad, DO NOT wait until December to plan and purchase gifts for half a dozen nieces and nephews, two sets of parents, two grandmas, four gift exchange recipients and various friends.

It is not a fun way to spend Christmas Eve. "Have you gotten your box yet? It should be there by now! No? Look again!"

It's also not fun to be confined to your house for a month while you wait for a payday that won't go to bills and gifts.

So yeah. We're planners now.

Here's a great gift idea for those of you who are also planners, whether reformed or by your natural neuroses.

It's a photo book that I created and purchased from Shutterfly.com.

This one is the 8 x 8 photo book. I think they usually go for about $19.99, but they were 20% off the last time I looked.

They're so simple to make. Really. It's completely computer idiot proof.

You simply upload the photos you want to use (just like you do on Facebook). Then you pick a design for the cover, spine, back cover and the pages in between. You even get to choose how many pictures you want on each page and the layout.

I made this one a few months ago when they were having a big discount just to test it out. That's the thing I love about Shutterfly. They always have discounts going on. I've never paid for an item and the shipping. I've either gotten the item free and paid the shipping or paid for the item and gotten the shipping free.
I just love them.
So much so that I get my Christmas cards from there too.
Oh yeah....back to Christmas. I just thought that these books would be a wonderful gift for a friend or a loved one. If I lived closer to my family and could take more pictures of them with my own camera, they'd all probably have one of these.
I just think they're friggin' cute and a very unique way to preserve and display memories.

(By the way, I am in no way affiliated with Shutterfly. They did not pay me to write these things, nor did they bribe me with free stuff for doing so. Although, it'd be pretty sweet if they did. I just genuinely love them.)


Brad Farless said...

That does look fun. I think I'll check them out for Christmas cards. They're so expensive here in Singapore so this could be a unique way to send off some cards to our families.

By the way, love the disclosure there. I guess you heard about the new FTC guidelines requiring disclosure on advertorial posts.

Megan said...

I did, but that's not really the reason why I put it on there. I find myself very untrusting of bloggers' reviews on various products, especially here in Singapore. I wanted to make sure that people knew that this isn't some crap product that a company paid me to rave about. I try very hard to not be a liar.

Brad Farless said...

That's a good point. It's not just Singapore though. I think the same could be said of Malaysian bloggers. They do a lot of secret advertorials in this part of the world.

Momma said...

Guess what's on my list now.
Remember momma loves you.

Catt said...

ooo looks great. u should check out www.moo.com they do business cards and diff. things... im putting all my holiday snaps into business cards and then making albums out of that!