Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Funday

For Easter, Aaron and I planned a day of activities. Actually, we only planned dinner and a movie, but as things usually go in Singapore, it turned into an all day thing.

I forgot our good camera at the house, so I had to take pictures with my handphone (Singaporean speak for cell phone). I apologize for the really bad picture quality. The camera on my phone gets pissy when there's bad lighting.

We decided to go see Fast and Furious 4. Aaron and I had both gone to see the first two movies when we were in high school. So since they brought back the original cast, we figured it would be better than the "Tokyo Drift" crap they came out with a few years back. Here's a really bad picture of a Singaporean movie concession stand. They had hot dogs, cheese hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, Ben and Jerry's ice cream, Asian snack mix, peanuts, Peanut M&Ms and Plain M&Ms. That's about it. We're not even daring enough to try the nachos either. We had a bad experience with Singaporean movie theatre "Mexican" food and can't go down that road again. (I still can't figure out why that guacamole tasted sweet.)

This is the thing that I find the strangest about Singapore movie theatre popcorn. It comes in salted or sweet. We're not talkin' kettle corn here either. It's either sprinkled with salt or sugar. Effing sick. I cannot bring myself to eat popcorn with sugar on it. Oh and there's NO melted butter to drizzle (or pour like I do) on top. Paula Deen would throw a royal hissy fit. I kept mine quiet-ish.

So after the movie, we hailed a cab and took a trip south. We decided to try Brazil's. It's a Brazilian steakhouse style restaurant that we'd heard a lot of good things about. Aaron and I became obsessed with Brazilian style steakhouses on our honeymoon. We've found three such restaurants in Singapore and go there on special occasions.
However, we arrived an hour and a half before they opened. So we had some time to kill.
We grabbed a table at a small hawker-style food shop and drank a couple Tiger beers.

We sat next to this sad little crab in this dry fish tank. I named him Charlie. I wanted to stage a covert mission to put some water in his tank because I'm fairly sure that crabs need water to survive. Aaron quickly squashed that plan by reminding me of what will inevitably happen to poor Charlie when someone orders the Chilli Crab. I had to not look at Charlie any more after that.

When six o'clock finally rolled around, we had dinner. It was everything we were told. Very delish. We stuffed our faces so fast that we were full 10 minutes in.

For those of you who don't know what a Brazilian steakhouse (or sometimes referred to as Brazilian BBQ) restaurant is, the picture below illustrates the premise. Several people go around the restaurant with these giant skewers of meat and stop at each table offering to cut off a chunk of meat. There's skewers of filet, roasted pork, bacon wrapped chicken, fish, grilled pineapple, top sirloin...and the list goes on and on. Basically you get so much meat that you can't even finish what's on your plate before the next guy is asking whether or not you want to try some glazed ham.
Oh and there is a salad bar behind the guy in this picture. It has all kinds of veggies and salad to balance out all that carnivorous goodness.
So we sat at the restaurant for almost two hours just trying to stuff as much food as was humanly possible into our tummies. It was soo soo good that we felt it was wrong to leave it on our plate uneaten.
Then this lady walked in and I had to take a picture of her hair.

Seriously. Get a look at that. How and why would you ever do that to your head?

We had a good chuckle.

Then we went home and called our peeps back in Kansas. It was a good Easter. We had a really good time.

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B-Mom said...

Aaron is such a good sport for "posing" for the lady's hair picture! Glad you guys had a nice Easter.