Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mr. Dentist man and his drugs

Last week I unexcitedly went to the military dentist. I had to have a cavity redone because apparently the crap the last dentist put in my tooth wasn't doing it's job. Super fun.

So when I go in there, they give me a shot to numb my mouth. And I waited. Half an hour rolled by and all I had was a mild tingling, but that's about it. Because I'm kind of terrified of pain, I told Mr. Dentist man that I need twice the amount of drugs that most people require because my body is stubborn.

That could be true. I'm mildly sure that my mom told me that once. However, I wouldn't put my life on it. Drugs smrugs. Fill er up.

Mr. Dentist man then pumped a lot of stuff into my jaw. It went numb in 30 seconds. And then it stayed that way. For a LONG time. I felt nothing in the whole right side of my face for seven hours following the procedure. It was amusing for the first two hours. Then when I got hungry, I was no longer amused. I couldn't eat for fear that I would unknowingly chew off my dead lip. So I sat there and poked myself in the face to see if I could wake up the numbed nerves. It's a no go in case you were wondering. I had to wait for food until like 9pm. So yeah, moral of the story: don't lie to your dentist about how much of the drugs your body requires.

It made me think of Little David's trip to the dentist.

I really feel for the kid.


Breanna said...

I had to be put under to get my wisdom teeth cut out, I was totally this kid. It was bad! Dentist appointments are never fun.

Breanna said...

P.S. I am jealous over your binder. I need to do that also but 1.) I'm not that crafty 2.) I am a horrible cook...

Cori said...

I have the same problem at the dentist. It takes FOREVER for medicine to numb my mouth, and then it lasts most of the rest of the day. A dental hygienist told me that some people have really thick "coatings" on the nerves around their teeth, and that they don't need any more anesthetic than anyone else, but that it takes longer to "sink in", if that makes sense. But instead, they load us up, and then we can't eat for a day.
Just another weird sister thing, I guess...:)