Friday, April 17, 2009

Snakes on a plane

Did you all read this story today?

Baby pythons escape during flight in Australia

Four friggin' baby pythons escaped from the cargo area during a flight in Australia. Are you friggin' kidding me?!!! Seriously. Why would this even be a possibility? Wouldn't they insure that snakes would be properly secured? Especially. On. An. Airplane!!!! I mean the rest of us have to be practically strip searched before we get on board. Wouldn't someone think "Hey, we should really make sure these deadly snakes don't get out and kill everyone on board"? I mean really. Wouldn't that be on the top of the security list?

Most of you know that Singapore is fairly close to Australia. It is frequented by many Aussies during their "holidays" (also known in America as vacations). I'm a little uneasy about this now. If these kids are gonna start taking snakes on planes with them, I think they may need to think of a new vacation spot.

Singapore is already chocked full of snakes. We need no more. Every month I hear a new story about someone in our neighborhood having to call our maintenance guys to have them removed from areas in and around their homes. They're so bad that when I first met some of the wives here, they told me to always check the toilet for snakes before I sat down because it's not uncommon for them to pop up through the pipes.

Have you ever had to pee in fear? I do it every morning at 7 am when I cannot hold it any longer. What makes matters worse is that our toilets are navy blue. You practically need a flashlight to see up in there anyway.

I need to do some research before our next big move. I think I'm going to Google "Places in USA with little to no snakes".

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