Friday, April 24, 2009

Mustafa, but not the one from the Lion King

Today, I went to Mustafa. For those of you who don't live in Singapore, Mustafa is the 24 hour shopping mall. It's down near Little India and for some reason, I never stumbled into it. Then again, I've been to Little India four times and still couldn't tell you how to get to any certain shop there. I'm observant. Ha.

I went with some of the gals from around our area. We're a good mix. One of us is Irish, one is Kiwi (New Zealander for you Americans who don't know what that is) and the rest of us come from all over the U.S. It makes for an interesting outing.

And because I suck today, I forgot to take a picture of the place for the blog. I did find their website though. So if you're curious, click HERE to see what it's like. This place is crazy. They have everything. Seriously. They do. As a group, our bags contained things like Karo syrup, floor cleaner, Turkish delight, Nike sneakers, workout shirts and so on. It's at least 6 stories (storeys, as they spell it here) high, but it could be more. I only made it to three as I made a poor choice in footwear this morning.

After our shopping adventure, the gals and I went to eat at a vegetarian restaurant in Little India.

We ordered this sampler type thing. Each of our platters came with a different type of bread and then we each got several soups, sauces and sides. Some stuff was spicy. Some stuff was sweet. Some was even creamy. I enjoyed them all. Because I'm a fatty.

Of course, the largest and most phallic looking bread was placed in front of me. What can I say? My life is awkward.

Here's the group of gals.

And the girl in the back, with the translucent skin? That's me.
See Sis, I've completely abstained from tanning. I'm only wondering if it's healthy for everyone else to see someone with skin that bright in the sunlight.


Joleene said...

Glad you had fun...on a side note, I had a dream last night that Colby and I found $30 tickets to Singapore, so we went to visti you, but there was a Tsunami while we were there. You were very calm and kept saying..."this happens all the time...just come with me"

Crazy...anyway had to share.

Travis said...

I hate to say this was Mufasa in the Lion King. Sorry to correct you but that is probably my favorite Disney movie.

Megan said...

Ha ha. Travis, I know that. I was kidding because Mustafa and Mufasa were so similar. Gosh, Disney Police.