Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This is why you're fat.

Ok so I know I do a lot of complaining about the digusting food I find in Asia. I've even eaten some of this crap for the sake of the blog. (durian, black chicken, weird yam pudding dessert, etc.) You're welcome.

When Aaron and I first started encountering these odd delights, we questioned our own culture a bit. What was it that we Americans ate that disgusted our Singaporean friends? We couldn't really come up with anything at the time. Gravy? Good. Chicken fried steak? Heaven. DQ Oreo Brownie Earthquake? Total foodgasm.

So, I think I finally found the answer. There's this awesome blog that I stumbled upon called Thisiswhyyou' I'm pretty sure it would scare the Bejesus out of every Singaporean with a spoon. It's full of the disgustingly fattening food creations that Americans put together and eat. And I'm pretty sure in return end up wearing on their thighs. And guts. And man boobs --moobs, if you will.

The saddest part is, as disgusting as the food is. I'd eat about 75% of it. Yeah, I'm a closet fattie. I won't eat fish ball soup here in Singapore, but I'd totally dive into the Snack food pizza (pepperoni pizza topped with Doritos, popcorn chicken, corn dog slices, and something else delicious that I can't remember now).

And the deep fried peanut butter covered brownie wrapped in cookie dough? I'd add some ice cream and hot fudge and go to town. I'd even hide in my bathroom to eat it so that Aaron couldn't judge me. Then, I'd rub my face all over the plate to make sure that I licked every sugar crystal off. Nom nom nom.

You seriously have to go to the site. Then you have to try to lie to me and say that you honestly wouldn't eat some of that stuff and enjoy every minute.


Cori said...

Okay, I'll check it out. Not that I need to know why I'm fat, I feel I've got a pretty good handle on that, but just for kicks. :)

Miao said...

Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog. I hope you're enjoying life in Singapore! Have fun here. :)