Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Didn't Know I Loved My Microwave This Much

What's the longest amount of time you've gone without a microwave?

We went five days.

It. Was. Torture.

Our microwave decided to conk out on us last Friday with a very loud and distinct "POP". After that, it's like it just forgot to warm up the food we stuck in it. It's not a very fun game for hungry people to play.

We're lucky that the US Government furnishes us with one of these appliances as part of our living arrangement here. We're unlucky in that if it breaks, we must wait until the maintenance office either opens or has time to replace it. Since it broke on a Friday evening, we had to go all weekend without the miracle food warmer upper. Then we waited a couple more days until our "number" was up at the maintenance office.

All I can say is this: You really don't know what you got till it's gone.

We felt like we were a part of Little House on the Prairie. We had to "manually" warm up everything. Leftover coffee, queso, cold pancakes, etc. It all had to be either put in the oven, in the toaster or on the stove. We even had to get out a saucepan to warm up maple syrup for our pancakes on Saturday. I didn't even know you could do that!

See there? That's sad.

It's sad that I've never gone long enough without a microwave that I had to learn to reheat things the conventional way before now.

I definitely have a new found respect for who have the time, patience and will to live without a microwave.

I just still don't see how or why you do it.

I'm not going to lie, I skipped making quite a few things to avoid having to heat it up on the stove. I also admit that I ate cereal for dinner twice and it was awesome.


ursie said...

LOL Megan you're so adorable (in a sorta silly way) sometimes.. But yes, it's true, with the way technology is these days, we're getting a bit too spoiled (back then we had night soil collectors!). I've never had access to a microwave only until recently, & I've to say I looove how I can get fresh popcorn anytime I want. (:

Anonymous said...

I agree! It's when you don't have them that you really realize how great they are. I found this true for our sink garbage disposal. Never ever loved our garbage disposal until I had to start scraping EVERY little bit of food into the trash everyday. Now, I can't wait to have one again. AH, one of these days. Glad you're back in business with your microwave!


Megan said...


I'm so with you on the garbage disposal. That was a tough pill to swallow when we came here. I've never not had one. Even my crappy apartments in college always had one. Aaron's predicting that I break our disposal the first month that we're back in the States. He says I'm going to be so excited to use it that I'm going to try to put everything down it.

I can't even act like I won't. I know I will. :)

Brad Farless said...

I haven't used a microwave for the last 9 months. Kinda sucks sometimes, but I'm getting used to warming things up on the stove. Ya, no oven here either.

I miss the garbage disposal too!

My Three Sons said...

Mine had a fuse blown and it would stop workin after 1 minute. It would shut off and then not come on for about 5 minutes. I had ho idea how much I depended on it until that happened. Your right, it was a pain until I had it fixed.