Monday, January 11, 2010

One of the seven little reasons...

that my trip back home was awesome.

This is my youngest nephew, Cooper. He is the epitome of a ray of sunshine. His cute little voice forces you to smile, no matter what mood you're in. So basically everytime he speaks, I just want to squeeze him. It's like a reflex. And I can't control it.

When he and my other cutie pie nephew, Tyson, get together, it's cuteness overload. That's when I have to look away so I don't burst from all the cuteness.

We got to spend a lot more time with our little people this trip home. We sat by them at dinner, we made Easy Bake oven cookies, we fed the small one a bottle, we played dress up, we played with new toys from Santa and we kissed and hugged them until we got on their nerves. We had so much fun and it made it that much harder to leave again.

Living in Singapore is a wonderful experience. The weather is always Summer-ish and the walking keeps me somewhat slimmer than my Kansas-dwelling self.

But I just can't resist all this cute.

I've got to live by the cute again. In a few months. :)

(See you soon Aidan, Rachel, Ava, Jack, Tyson, Cooper and Lexi! Remember, Aunt Megan always has candy!)


Cori said...

They miss you.


Deidre said...

It's so hard being an expat away from cute little neicephews isn't it? I totally can relate that!