Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Attack of the air conditioner

Last night the air conditioner in the bedroom became possessed. I'm not exaggerating here either. It was beyond terrifying.

Aaron and I were sitting in bed reading. He was reading his textbook for his Java class and I was learning all about Singapore in a travel book he gave me to read. (Save your old married couple jokes. We're aware it was a sad scene.)
Then the horrible noise began. It sounded like a drip at first. Then it progressed to this horrible grinding/moaning sound. I put down my book and stared at the air conditioner in paralyzing fear. At that moment, ice chunks came flying out of the machine. I jumped immediately over to Aaron's side which is the furthest from the evil apparatus.
Aaron had to sudo-dismantle it and wipe it down. Then, it stopped.
He wasn't fazed at all. Apparently it's happened before. Great. I'm glad the air conditioner is eccentric. Does it also personify itself and strangle you in the night?

(Aaron also said that I'd blog about this in the morning. Well, you're right. I think if I die in my sleep, my family should know why.)


Cori said...

Okay, what military person do I need to write to and demand that my sister have a proper cooling unit? That thing doesn't even look like an a/c for the hottest place on earth. It looks like one of those things that you buy on an infomercial that sucks all the air out of bags and seals them. Ooooh....I have a wedding present idea! :)

Cori said...

You suck at this blogging. Pick up the pace, please.