Thursday, February 21, 2008

Soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Emeril

Aaron and I have decided that one our favorite things to do together is cook. Not only does this give us a break from sickeningly sweet Asian food (which all food here tastes Asian even if its from McDonalds), but it also is something that we have a lot of fun doing. We've bought fresh garlic, fresh parsley and fresh parmesan cheese. We make all kinds of fun stuff....and we have a dance party complete with wine and cocktails while we saute.

Our menu thus far has consisted of steak on tomato infused noodles, steak with asparagus, taco marinated chicken quesadillas, garlic breaded chicken on alfredo parmesan noodles, pancakes with bacon and eggs, and spaghetti with parmesan garlic bread.

We haven't gotten too adventurous yet as we can only use ingredients that we can find and ones that we know what to do with. :)

We've noticed that the quality of meat in this country is pretty lame. Chicken is really thin and fatty and beef is either extremely lean or so fatty it's tough to chew. Apples were also a sad discovery. Ours were brown and mushy once you cut into them.

However, stuff that is more popular within the region such as dragon fruit and bananas are pretty tasty. The only part that sucks is that we have to keep EVERYTHING in the fridge (i.e. bananas, bread, cereal, etc.) because the bugs here are horrible. I've kept a cup of vinegar and dish soap on our window sill for two days now trying to catch the gnats. Eck!

It's fun learning about new stuff to try though. Aaron's shown me that I like a lot more stuff than I thought and I've convinced him that asparagus is delicious. If you have any recipes or ideas to share, please send them my way!

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Cori said...

OMG, you couldn't have made me happier. Now I'm going to bombard you with recipes and cookbooks and good websites....hmmm, where to start...