Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dance Dance Revolution

So...I've found a new way to entertain myself while Aaron is away at work. After I do my HNTB stuff, I get a little bored with tedious housework tasks so I had to come up with something else. While surfing the Web, it hit me. Why not learn all the things I always wanted to know?

Melissa has always been so embarassed at bars when I go up to the black people dancing on the dance floor and beg them to teach me how to do (insert latest dance craze here). They always just laughed at me and told me they'd show me when the "right" beat is on. (That's code for 'You ain't never gonna get it white girl'.) So I've taken it upon myself :)

Yesterday, I learned how to "walk it out", the "Cupid Shuffle" and the "Soulja Boy dance". I look like such a white girl when I do it, but I don't care. I think people would be impressed that I'm such a well-rounded dancer. It's easy to learn too. Most of the rappers who sing these songs post instructional videos on YouTube. I like to call them "Now you white kids can dance too" videos.

I showed Aaron my moves when he got home, but he just mocked me. I know he's jealous. My "superman" needs some work, but it's way better than his.


Cori said...

Hey, I want to learn! I haven't danced since my bar days. Don't let me slip into suburban mom-dom without a fight. What should I learn first?

I'm so proud of you for keeping yourself entertained. Cooking, dancing, etc. Oh, and since you said the bananas are good, I do have a chocolate chip banana bread recipe that's delish if you want it.

Mel said...

Look buddy I have a blog now just for you, so I can leave you comments! I'm not sure whats going to be less embarssing for me, you now knowing these dances and wanting to request the songs all the time and do them at the bars and having the black ppl stare at us bc we look weird doing it or you not having to go up and ask them anymore. Its a toss up.

Anonymous said...

I;m a blogger!