Thursday, February 7, 2008

Here goes...

It is my first official day in Singapore. To celebrate, I'm beginning a blog. With so many people to update on the random things that occur in the life of Megan, I thought this was the easiest way.

The trip began with a 2 hour plane ride to DC, then a 14 hour plane to Tokyo, a boring stroll through a small part of the Japanese airport and finished up with a 7 1/2 hour ride to Singapore. It sucked. I'm not even gonna sugar coat it. Being in a small chair with the ability to recline to a 2% angle is not my idea of comfort. I didn't sleep at all and the food was Asian. THE ENTIRE TIME I WAS IN THE AIR. Don't these people know that we're about to be submerged in this stuff while we're here? Do we really need it on the way? I'm sick of Asian food already. I'm so screwed.

In happier thoughts...I'm finally here. Seeing Aaron was amazing. It's like being in the 6th grade and seeing your crush for the first time since summer vacation. I had butterflies and I felt like everything I said and did was awkward. It was weird because even though we've talked on the phone everyday, it still felt like we were meeting again for the first time. It was exciting, thrilling and very nerve-racking. It was great to feel that again.

So now, I've unpacked my things and settled in. Aaron came home from work for 15 minutes to surprise me with a hairdryer. You would have thought he got me a pair of Manolos I was so excited. I needed desperately to wash the "airplane" outta my hair. I think the smell was getting to him too. That may be the reason he got me one so fast. Ha.

That's all I have to report now. I shall return to my Sex and the City marathon. It never gets old. :)

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Cori said...

Sick of asian food already? Uh oh. I swear, if you lose more weight, I will not stand by you at your wedding. I'm glad you're safe, by the way. :)
Love you--Sis